Jun 8 2017

Vault and Garden

University Church, 1 Radcliffe Sq,
Oxford OX1 4AH, UK

5 visits – meals and tea/coffee – at this lovely cafe during my 3-day research at Bodleian library – just enjoy it that much. Convenience plays a role too. It’s inside the Oxford Uni first congregation house dating back to 1320. Comfortable inside and outside; yummy food and drinks; cheerful staff. Delicious bread; beef stew is tender and flavorful. Salmon (Lox) is fresh. Decent utensils.

The only complain is, too large a portion – have they been Americanized? Ha ha ha.

Feeling sad to have to leave … wondering if I gaze longer at Radcliffe Camera, can I finish my books sooner?


Jun 8 2017

Alternative Tuck Shop

24 Holywell Street
Oxford OX1 3SB
United Kingdom

A pleasant, tiny sandwich shop on a quiet street corner (@ Mansfield Road) in Oxford. It’s on my way to the library everyday, so I stopped by once. Although it’s cute but once is enough for me – bit too sweet. Vaults is my favorite, hands down.


Jun 8 2017

Walking Oxford

Opium Den Chinese restaurant in Oxford, and my tea. Hotel 50 Bowery in New York has just opened and a bar on site is opium den themed and, you got it, controversy followed. Can’t believe the Brits have more humor than the Yankees.


The King’s Arms is filled with kids all the time, opposite from east side of Weston Library.


near the bus depot

my daily commute … on Mansfield Road, and the path



Jun 8 2017

London 2017

I went to London on EuroStar from Brussels. Took train to Oxford immediately, and bus back to London.

The subway is pretty expensive, £4.90 for 5 stops from King’s Cross to Paddington Station. The train to Oxford was old, about an hour ride for 60 miles journey. Yes, I am thinking of China’s high speed trains. I stayed in an airbnb in Angel/Islington.

Chapel Market @ Islington




Jun 8 2017

Blackwell’s Bookshop

23-25 Broad Street,

This is British academic book retailer and caters to the libraries. It was founded by Benjamin Henry Blackwell in 1879. Its location is Oxford is next to Weston Library  and opposite from the Sheldonian Theatre.

Blackwell’s Art and Poster Shop at Oxford’s Exeter College @ 27 Broad Street. The 7 foot tall Ironman statue on top of the roof is by British artist Antony Gormley.

The few days  I was there, weather has been cooperative, showing some New York blues -:)  Walking around the Oxford is relaxing and pleasant.