Apr 14 2018

Dao Wei 道味

162 Machangdao 马场道

Will return.

A lovely fusion restaurant in the Wudadao. I like their young Peking Duck very much – small and tender. Other dishes are delicious and nicely presented. It’s ideal for small groups as they don’t have a main hall. The fake tree in one of the ground level area is a turn off.


Apr 14 2018

Astor House 利顺德饭店

33 Taier Zhuang Road
Heping District, Tianjin 300040, China

This fabled hotel (LiShunDe) has a long history – since 1863. It’s built by an English missionary. There is a “museum” in the basement but I didn’t visit, the woman haughtily told me there is ¥50 admission, even for hotel guests.

After the afternoon tea at the O’Hara’s bar I wander in and out of the old wing freely – for this reason, not sure I want to spend a night or two there.

It’s across the street from Ritz and a block east from Kailuan.


Apr 14 2018

The Ritz-Carlton, Tianjin

167 Dagubei Road
Heping District, Tianjin, 300040

It is on the site of Gordon Hall, across the street (解放 Jiefang N Road) from Astor Hotel and one block north from Kailuan. The main entrance is face the Jiefang Garden North 解放北园, a tiny green patch with a Chinese gazebo. There is rich history to this location and the hotel offers a short tour at 6 pm.

1976 Tangshan earthquake had damaged the building. They rebuilt and used as municipal government till 2010. Ritz began in 2013

The columns at their 2-level Chinese restaurant are salvaged from the American garrison, treated and preserved. Nice touch.

Abundant of paintings are hung throughout the public area. The stairs in the lobby somehow, remind me of Gone with the Wind, where Gable noticed his girl.


Gordon Hall during the Great Flood of 1939, photo courtesy of the Tim Brig Collection @ China marine. This one is from Xu Streeet @ wiki.

Apr 14 2018

20th Secondary School in TJ

During my 2018 trip to Tianjin, I passed by this school 天津二十中学 and sneaked in a few photos. Not completely surprise to me, the old guy who manned the gate house by the entrance, said no to our request to going in to take a few photos.


Apr 14 2018

Tianjin Boxer Uprising Memorial @ 吕祖堂

No.18 Hejia Lane, Ruyi’an Street,
Hongqiao District, Tianjin

LuzuTang Museum, or the Boxer Museum.

The small courtyard was built in 1433. During the Boxer Uprising (some call it rebellion) in 1900, Cao Futian 曹福田 (the leader of Qian fraction 乾字团首领) set his quarter here. The gov renovated it in 1985 and set it up as a memorial – it’s the only 义和团坛口 relic of Boxers in the country.

The simple exhibits are mostly photos, and some of their claims I’ll have to disagree. The language and the mindset is pre-loving-the-west.




Apr 14 2018

An afternoon tea at O’Hara’s

O’Hara’s @ the Astor inTianjin China.

The dark panelling makes the place feel good. It’s later afternoon on a Saturday. We’re the second table in the empty bar. Relaxing and unhurried.

The food and drink are ok but the huge utensils are for dinner. I asked for the proper ones …


Apr 14 2018

KMA in 2018

Tai’an Dao 泰安道
Tianjin, China

The former Kailuan Mining Administration was housed in this building. I visited it every time I’m in TJ. This year, I see many newly weds or about to wed take their photos there – very crowded. It’s a stone throw away from Astor and Ritz.

It shares Dagubei Road with Ritz-Carlton and Tai’an with Astor