Wudadao 天津五大道

Heping District 和平区

Tianjin government has designated Five Great Avenues – a few roads in Heping (Peace) district as historical destination. It’s in the former British concession, with many grand homes zh wiki. I lived on one of them. In fact, there are six streets:

  1. Machang Dao 马场道 原马厂道
  2. Munan Dao睦南道 原香港道
  3. Dali Dao大理道 原新加坡道
  4. Changde Dao 常德道 原科伦坡道
  5. Chongqing Dao 重庆道 河北路以东原为剑桥道, 以西为爱丁堡道
  6. Chengdu Dao 成都道 原伦敦道

On this trip I only went to Zhou Mingtai (周明泰 zh wiki) not Zhou Shutao (周叔弢 @ 睦南道129号; zh wiki).

Hebei Lu 277 河北路

IMG_0839 IMG_0838

“Keep walking” a minder told us as we walked by the shooting spot where a tv or movie was being made.

IMG_0842 IMG_0844 IMG_0849 IMG_0848

We took the carriage, circling the wudadao, the five big streets.

IMG_0856 IMG_0905 IMG_0906 IMG_0908 IMG_0886 IMG_0883 IMG_0888 IMG_0895 IMG_0897 IMG_0890

Munan Dao and Changde Dao

Machangdao 马场道

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