May 15 2019

Crouching tigers

and hidden dragons. Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon 卧虎藏龙 was the name of 2000 movie, directed by Ang Lee and staring Chow Yun-fat (Zhou Yunfa), etc.

Crouch means squat 蹲 and I find many Chinese like to squat.

May 15 2019

Paris and Frankfurt

During May 16 to 29, I take a weekend trip to Frankfurt  (May 23-27) for a  birthday party and Mutter’s concert. This is a very productive trip. At the end of it is the French Open – yes, saw Serena. I logged in an average 7.1 miles a day. The exchange rate is about €1 = $1.13

Paris & French OpenFrankfurt

The trade war between US and China is very much in progress, front and center. Huawei’s 5G is all the rage. I’ve been using T Mobile for a few years only because their international plan: seamless, unlimited and free, but at lower speed. Because the trade war, I paid a little attention this time: in 2019, its at 2G: seriously is anyone still using 2G???