Sep 11 2019

Ivy Manor Inn

194 Main St,
Bar Harbor, ME 04609

Sep 11 2019

The Chart Room

565 Eden St
Bar Harbor, ME 04644

Will return.

It’s a short drive away from the heart of Bar Harbor but suits us fine as we are driving by.

I like their house wine, MAN’s Chenin Blanc 2018. (We later would buy a few bottle to take home with.) Food and service are good.


Sep 11 2019

Augusta, ME

I was tricked:

On our way up to Bar Harbor, I saw the very enchanting photo of this city – the capital of Maine. And we stopped by to check it out.

It isn’t as attractive as this photo depicts – a little misleading, imho.


Sep 11 2019

Portland Head Lighthouse

12 Captain Strout Cir,
Cape Elizabeth, ME 04107

It was commissioned by President George Washington in 1790. We visit it on 9/11 in 2019, a gorgeous blue sky day, just like it in 2001. The flag is half-staff. May the good and decent live on forever!

The structure is well maintained. To its right is a massive rock terrain that allow people to hike or walk on. To the left is a more normal trail. Both sides have great views but I far more prefer the rock side.

As we’re about to leave, we see the Norwegian cruiser we’ve seen earlier at port going by.


Sep 11 2019

Fort Allen Park @ Eastern Promenade

This park is at Portland‘s east end’s Eastern Promenade, in the Munjoy Hill neighborhood. We drove from the Maine Narrow Gauge Railroad @ 49 Thames St, Portland, ME 04101 where two cruisers are docked at port. It’s walkable distance but some construction is going on. The homes on the Eastern Promenade are pretty grand and lovely. The Fort Allen has the mast of USS Portland. Along the Cutter Street we drove down to the end and saw the train on the narrow gauge coming by.