Sep 12 2019

Bar Harbor, ME

This harbor of the Mount Desert Island is the most popular section for tourists who come to visit Acadia National Park. The service, hotels and restaurants are better and plentiful. They’ve a hospital.

2019.9.13 @ 6:39am on top of Cadillac Mountain


A wood store In the Woods: the piece that looks most interesting to me, is, however, not on sale. Doesn’t it look like a screen wall?


From the street

Sep 12 2019

Otter Cliff

After the Cadillac Mountain‘s peak, we went to the Otter Cliff – Ocean Path. As soon as we set up our breakfast, a guest came …

The hike is easy and the ocean view is beautiful …


Are these trees the remnants of the 1947 fire?



Sep 12 2019

Cadillac Mountain

It’s the highest peak of the Acadia Park, 1,530′ tall on MDI, accessible by car with a decent size of parking. A great place to watch sun rise, not too good for sunset because of the parking lot is in the view.

The first time we went up, it’s very  foggy …

two French ladies biked up …

One of the many stone sculptures

Sunset on Thursday, Sept 12 and the sunrise on Friday which is spectacular, worth getting up at 4am for.

Sep 12 2019

Jordan Pond House brunch

1 Park Loop Rd
Seal Harbor, ME 04675

Great view, and you’ll have to fight rather fiercely with the bees for your share of the marmalades -:

Average food and service. After experienced both the indoor and out, I like the outdoor better. 


Sep 12 2019

Sunset @ Cadillac

We went to watch sunset specifically, on the Cadillac Mountain

Thursday Sept 12,

Friday Sept 13,