A kid urinates on the Hong Kong street

Couples let their daughter to urinate on the busy street (Nathan Road?), clashed with the locals:

孩子在香港街头小便 大陆夫妻与港人发生激烈冲突】画面中冲突现场十分混乱,大人相互指责,孩子大声哭泣。这对大陆夫妻抱起孩子推着婴儿车欲离去,被港人拉住婴儿车阻拦。孩子母亲反复强调“洗手间排队,孩子着急我怎么办”,现场有人始终高举相机拍摄

video here and another one. In the videos, I heard the parents asked the locals many times if they have kid, which is amusing. Having kid and let kid urinate in public are two things.

In any case, if the mother claimed that they had waited on line for 30 minutes in the bathroom,

  1. did she ask the women to let her daughter go first?
  2. if she did and the women waiting on line won’t, that showed poor manner of the locals
  3. shouldn’t mother let her daughter to peep in the bathroom floor with her using paper towel or diaper than a busy street openly?

Both sides has a story to tell and failed to tell properly.  As a mother, I won’t let my kids to peep openly, especially my daughter. That incident has prompt this reaction, reported by the World Journal on 4/25:

  • The mainlanders: take your kids to peep on Hong Kong streets
  • Hong Kongers: picture of the public urinating and have a photo contest

Letting your child to peep in public is unacceptable behavior anywhere.

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