Going home

在外招摇撞骗 蹭饭一个多月,激起民愤是溜之大吉的时候了. 非常感激亲朋戚友的热情招待 令我 好吃好住好玩好开心. 35年 弹指一挥间,有缘再见到好多童鞋,激动不已。友情万岁 微信万岁

谢谢难忘的一晚 友情美酒佳肴,人生顶峰,谢谢。纽约见?

Three pathways to the aircraft, to the same one that just landed (from Frankfurt that’s lands at 8:10am). We pulled out of gate at 10:25am. Waited for 30 minutes than take back to the gate, to repair a bathroom heater. Left the gate at 12:04pm. Finally take off at 12:20pm – scheduled at 10:30am. There is an annoying noise to the right side – 57K, window seat. Not full. We land at Frankfurt at 3:40pm – scheduled at 2:45pm. The Airbus 300 is pretty comfortable.

The 747 Frankfurt to New York route is decidedly shabbier and full. At 7:45pm – scheduled at 19:50 or 7:50pm, we land at JFK. The trend, I see regularly is the flight always arrives early. Don’t know if the airlines purposely extend the flying hour to hide the delays. Wait for a gate for more than 45 min. And another hour for our luggage.

Something needs to improve.

The airlines can hide delays .. but how can they deal with those delays?

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