Dalian zoo

We visit the Dalian zoo (60 yingchun road. Dalian Forrest Zoo) on Sunday, our last day there.
(Bangchuidao island 棒棰岛?) The hotel phone doesn’t work, the mango is light and tasteless but the lichee is juicy and one kind has almost zero pit.

The World Cup is going on ..

Taxi took us there, ¥26. As soon as we pulled in, I saw a group of people milling around the square, in greenish uniforms. At ticket booth, the woman good naturally told me “cash only” for the ¥120 ticket and there is 3.5 km walk to the gate, and those people who offer ride for ¥20 is private business. It sounds fishy because those people who aggressively soliciting wore the uniform that said Zoo Worker.


The ride up is very pleasant, would have been a pleasant hike when one has time, which we don’t.

The big dinosaur greets us first – it has under bite -:) .. where is the dentist?

We catch the first elephant show at 10:30am. Before the show, the workers aggressively push the elephant food and photo op with the elephants. Then come the burger girls and drink girls, selling.

The show is done by Thai (?) trainers. I participate in the second one (first round were massage) the hula hoop, that gives me an opportunity to take the picture with the animal. When I raised my hand to indicate my interest I wasn’t sure I’d be called. When the MC signaled me again did I go. I’m glad I did it because moms or dads over the hill should have as much fun as teens and youth.

The variety animal show is at 11:10, a 10 min short walk fm the elephant. The photo op with the baby monkey for ¥10, the trainer is patient (the trainer at Hohhot zoo was kind of a jerk).

Then we hike the big walk to the front entrance. It’s long and pretty pleasant, crowded. Couldn’t imaged in July when kids are out of schools. The animals look like well kept. The panda pavilion is nice and free of charge.

We have lunch at Tiger’s restaurant again, sour fish. It’s more like a hot pot because there are bucket of baicai, 木耳 and string mushroom. Pumpkin likes this better than the grilled one we had the first night.

We couldn’t get a cab…  when we finally arrive at the train station, it’s 4:06. We rush to the ticket office to pick up the tickets. A girl 搔首弄姿 asks the man in front of me if she could get ahead to catch 4:30 train. I object loudly. As it happens the man is taking the same train D39 as we do which departs at 4:35. It did on the dot this time.

The cleaning service is good on the train and riders are generally neat and hand the garbag collecting lady their discards. There are few people who get standing only tickets. Not too much cheaper as one tells me – they need to go. There is hot water machine for tea and instant noodle. I couldn’t help but think how different two cultures are. USA, perhaps would not have the gut to have an open hot water machine. The bottle of cock cola is ¥6, 70克 牛肉干beef jerky is ¥25, 200 克 mixed nuts (comprehensive!) is ¥26. Both are taste good and additive. The train ride is generally quiet.

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