Cell phone in China

I never have the luck to just insert a SIM card and use my own phone in China. I went to an Apple store in Xidan and they told me that they can’t unlock my iPhone. Oh well.

There is another way to go wifi: buy a mobile wifi machine that cost about ¥300, and purchase chip that goes by the usage – can’t make phone calls. We went to one of the mobile phone carriers and was told they sell by the month, ¥600 per 12 months, (¥300 for six months isn’t available any more), that deduct ¥50 each month. This isn’t what we want. We found a vendor that sells ¥35 1.2GB that valid for the month that is purchased.

However, the mobile wifi is kaput after just one day and left me with couple of ¥35 chips. The counter/store has the cutter to fix in my iPhone slot. But due to locked, my iPhone can’t use it. Oh well.

IMG_7228 IMG_7229 IMG_7226

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