ZGC 鼎好电子城

We went to shopping in the morning for a SIM card for the mobile wifi. 联通 sells ¥300 for six month (nothing in stock for a while) and ¥600 12 month which offers 2.6gb monthly and deducts ¥50 a month. Not really fits our need. Found an online store in ZGC 中关村鼎好电子城 that sells ¥35 per card with 1.2gb. We bought three. (北京神龙佳业商品有限公司,3G 上网卡批发,义春华, 业务经理,13811778999,QQ 1328077339,shop63198578.taobao.com, 中关村鼎好电子城,二层 A2545 – good service).

DSCN6248 IMG_5705 IMG_5701 IMG_5702 IMG_5704
Had coffee at Beijing Modern Plaza 时代商城, and went to YMY Qin’s tea house. Had dinner at Dingtaifeng with sis Hong.

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