The over night train

We took the over night train from Beijing to Dalian. It’s the first class, or soft seat, four sleepers per room, ¥388.5 for the lower bunker (upper is slightly cheaper).

More pix on piwigo for Dalian trip

Getting to Beijing Train Station is not easy with detour. There is line to get into ticket sales office. The hall has kiosks at far end that requires Chinese ID only (passports aren’t taken). Then another line and body search to get into the station. Both security checks aren’t serious. I went through with my belt bag. The sales hall and station are relatively clean. Station is lined with shops, foreign and domestic. Starbucks and KFC are prominent.

The departure time is scheduled at 8:27 but we left at 8:25pm.

IMG_7353 IMG_7360 IMG_7361 IMG_7363 IMG_7365 IMG_7371 IMG_7377 IMG_7380

The soft sleeper train is clean. Two sleepers on each side. Door can be locked. Carry on can be stored under the sleeper, two cubics on each side for shoes, two pairs of disposable sleepers. Back pack can store above the door. White, rather thick linens are comfortable. An oval mirror mounted on the sliding door. Four hangers.

When I searched for ticket on Tuesday June 10, there were plenty seats available. But our caboose is full on Thursday, June 12. Last minutes booking is rampant.

Less than hour away from arrival (7:50am), the staff, a young woman with her hair nicely done (a bun above her neck with a butterfly) came to collect garbage that included the disposable sleepers, even the customers are still wearing them.

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