The National Gallery of Art

Next to the National Gallery of Art Sculpture GardenDC

The Little Fourteen–Year–Old Dancer (French: La Petite Danseuse de Quatorze Ans) by Edgar Degas, done between 1878 to 1881. There are 28 bronze repetitions, cast after Degas’s death.

IMG_2073 IMG_2054

Auguste Rudin’s the thinker (Le Penseur). There are about 28 full size castings. The right one is also by him, the Evil Spirits, marble.

IMG_2069 IMG_2071


IMG_2044 IMG_2050

The Artist’s Garden at Eragny, by Camille Pissarro, oil on canvas 1898

IMG_2045 IMG_2052

IMG_2067 IMG_2043

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