Whining weekend


We spent the long weekend Oct 10-13, with neighbors, staying on Peconic River. We became friends because of our first borns, as it happened, all boys and they were classmates. Two families just sent their youngest to college, so here we are. We initially set on an European biking trip, then biking trip in USA; then wine trip to Napa. But eventually four families went to North Fork. Calistoga, Sebastopol, Napa/Sonoma next year, perhaps.

IMG_4692 IMG_4683 like IMG_4891 IMG_5299 Oct 13 6-40am

The rental house has a spectacular view, especially during the sunrise and sunset.


Here are some spots we hit and things we did:

IMG_4604 IMG_4597
These three signs are from a store  on Love Lane

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