Viagra at Niagara

Byblos Niagara Resort
100 Whitehaven Road
Grand Island, NY 14072

My iPad charger got burned from the outlet (behind the stand between the two beds. Btw, the room has virtually no outlet to recharge.) in the hotel room on Saturday morning. I informed the front desk on our way out. The young lady said she’d send some one to check and asked if I was ok. When I came back in the evening, I asked the front desk staff on my way up, if they’d checked. A young man haughtily and curtly said,
“It didn’t happened in our hotel.”
“What do you mean?” I was taken aback at his nastiness.
“Our engineer has checked all the outlets in your room and found no burn.”
“… So you’re suggesting that I’m lying?” I asked.
“I’m suggesting nothing.” His combative manner and outright denial was really off putting. Did he encounter someone who had tied to trick the hotel? He was ready with a bat and as soon as I asked, he swung it right at me – that’s the feeling I got. How could he say it did not happened when he was not presented and when it indeed happened in the hotel?? Does this hotel have the habit of lying to solve the problem that’s indeed happened there?
They sent an engineer up to check it again. Of course he found nothing. By the same token, I could accurse the hotel to have changed the burned outlet while we were out?

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Enormous but spare vacant lobby, comfortable beds, great swimming pool and gym where they offer classes to local residents and are free to hotel guests.
Sunday morning the harmonic squeak from the bed from the room above woke me up. I enjoyed the pool and Jacuzzi. When I went back to the room (323), passing by an office (?), I saw two chamber maids stood on either said of the door, in attention, as guarding it. What do they do to these maids or how do they train these maids? I saw busloads of Chinese and Indians in the hotel.

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