Bressler Vineyards

St. Helena, Napa CA 94574

After the Wolf Family, we drove over to the Bressler’s, at their home too. They didn’t set out to make wine. But at their housewarming party, someone said, their home site is an excellent fertile ground for grapes. The rest is history.

They’re small producer, making 500 cases of wine annually (3 barrels yield around 75 cases). We also get to visit their wine cellar, which is featured on many magazines. The story he told was: the builder of their cellar had no web site at the time and Mr. Bressler offered to barter.

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The vine with white cup at the bottom is newly planted, to distinguish from the rest. The low tech tubs on the field. Repeat pickers have their fave rows.

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They’re gladly losing money .. There are wineries that provide every step of the process but Bresslers hire their own manager and staff, enjoying the fun, the labor of love,  along the way.

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Mixing the wine is an important step in the long process. Oddly, the wineries don’t hire a focus group (like politicians to consumer products and commercials would do) to determine their wine, good to know. They rely on their own instinct.

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