How to get to the park

After lunch we doubled back on the provincial road S319, and made a left turn to Niu’Ao to Liu Bingzhang memorial park.


I can’t map it on Google, except Niu’Ao 牛凹. (安徽省合肥市庐江县万山镇长岗 牛凹) The Google Earth shows the park top left.

Off the S319, we made a left turn, through this underpass. At the first junction (3rd photo), keep right. A few homes will be on the left and the pond on the right. The park is at the road end.

IMG_9848 IMG_9849 IMG_9851 IMG_9856 IMG_9855 IMG_9859

At the end of the narrow road …

IMG_9866 IMG_9865

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