Girls rule

I met up with dad and his aunt and uncle in Shanghai to escort them to JiNan together, although I’d like to go from Hefei to Jinan which is more direct. But being with them is fun too. The picture shows the train travels at 306 km/190 miles per hour. I also noticed most captains of the train – conductors 列车长 are female. You Go Girls!

IMG_9979 IMG_9984 IMG_9977 IMG_9983

The Jinan train station is rather empty. My uncle said, this is the high speed train station and the tickets are more expensive than the normal train – the old station is far more crowded, which I experienced in April 2012, on the overnight ride to Hefei.

image image

The train station offers porter service 小红帽 Xiao Hongmao (little red cap) for ¥120 (about US$20) in Shanghai, who will get you abroad the train ahead of the time from the special path. Jinan train station offers the same service but we didn’t need because relatives have arranged.

The heavy curtain doesn’t seem to mesh well with the modern train station. But … off we go, to Beijing 3.17 Thursday:

DSCN8780 DSCN8781 DSCN8782 DSCN8786

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