Aerial bridges of New York

George C. Parker (1870–1936, wiki) was a con man who loved to sell public properties in New York, especially  the Brooklyn Bridge to unsuspecting immigrants, hence the popular phrase that I’ll sell you the Brooklyn bridge.

Ok, the Brooklyn bridge is off the limit but New York is never out of things to sell. How about a sky bridge? Here is the Gimbels skybridge @ 101-139 W 32nd St, New York, NY 10001. This copper-clad proto-Art Deco triplex skywalk links Gimbels and an office building now housing the Manhattan Mall. The left pic is taken at Gaonnuri and down on 32nd Street. NYTimes in 2014 reported the winding history of this bridge and its fate is unclear.

IMG_1551 IMG_1563

Another skybridge, in Tribeca is up for sale in 2015, asking $30m: 9 Jay Street and 67 Hudson Street #3AB. The apartment has 6,300 square feet; the 9 Jay Street can be used for commercial. The common charges are $1,481.86 and its annual taxes are a hefty $70,395.

More bridges in New York:



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