Tea at 朱家角

Sept 12, 2010

After a long day at Zhu Jiajiao trying to avoid rain, basking in the sun, bargaining with the vendors .. .. we finally enjoyed a moment of tranquility: sipping tea on a balcony on the canal. There is minimum surcharge of 100 yuan per person. The house offers various teas, each costs about the surcharge. This tea house uses old bonds as decor which is very nice.

As we were enjoying, another group arrived. An older man immediately light up a cigarette. I was in no mood to tolerate this.
“Excuse me sir,” I asked polite “I’m pregnant could you please not to smoke?”
Yishi caught up quickly. She said to no one in particular that Unfortunately the wimpy wind blew our way.
Yizang just laughed out loud.
The smoker’s young companion looked at me, than said to no one in particular sarcastically
“Ha, there is something new every day.”
Yes baby you bet. I tried this trick in Paris .. too ..

private part of the tea house

The canal can get busy. The helmsmen are in uniforms but by the, they began to soliciting business from us, customers on the balcony for the boat ride at reduced fee.

伟大的舵手 .. a lady helmsman or helmswoman .. and helmsman

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