Shop at Xi’an’s Terracotta Army

Lintong Xi’an, Shaanxi, China

The tour of the museum is pleasant. At end of the visit, we pass by the shop. Lady tour guide says, “No need to go, just some trinkets.” To which, for a non-shopper like me, instead choose to go.

img_8366 img_8370 img_8372 img_8380 img_8379 img_8377 img_8376 img_8375

The shop claims the miniature status are made with the same dirt from the site/museum, which are first come first serve. Xi’an produces lantian yu jade 蓝田玉 (baidu), which is one of 4 major kinds. The name is from the Lantian Mount in Xi’an. Doesn’t the pendant looks like Chinese painting?

img_2004 img_8385



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