Biking in Coloane, Macau

São Francisco Xavier (Coloane) 聖方濟各堂區(路環)Saint Francis Xavier is south of Taipa (氹仔), with Cotai, they form the main island of Macau, China

My bike tour‘s unexpected, joyous and dangerous due to my own inability. A grad student at Uni of Macau who knew the island well takes me for a ride.

First thing first, getting the egg tart and a short hop to lunch at Chan Seng Kei at Largo Eduardo Marques square (next to the yellow chapel St. Francis).

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The yellow facade Chapel, baroque style St. Francis is the center of the Coloane (address: Rua do Caetano, Largo Eduardo Marques, Coloane). It’s built in 1928, facing the 1910 monument commemorating the local victory over pirates on Largo Eduardo Marques and the Shisanmen Waterway. The restaurant Chan Seng Kei where we’ve lunch is to the south side of the church and Largo Eduardo Marques square.

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Next stop is Kun Iam Temple Coloane (Templo de Kun Iam 路環观音古廟)

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Our destination ends up at the Cheoc Van Beach (Bamboo Bay), on the South/East China Sea. It’s smaller and cleaner than the Hac Sa Beach 黑沙海灘 Baía de Hác Sá) on the east.

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