LA Rose Cafe

4749 Fountain Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90029
East Hollywood
(323) 662-4024

An interesting Filipino cafe, with a little French colonial flavor, and homey.

Baby rose on each table while serenades by a lady pianist, playing some old tunes such as moon river, a small world, Chopin, and Dr. Zhivago – oh my, almost felt off my rattan chair with cushion. The portly owner likes to socialize with diners, and good naturally fussing with the rose; even replacing one over a couple who’s in the mist of chewing. I don’t think that I would have mind even its a little odd.


Ok, the food. We order dry roast pork and oxtail soup. Both are delicious but the pork is old (hard at the edges) – I think they don’t sell enough to keep it fresh. The flavor is more than Chinese – I used to participate in a Filipino tennis tourney that incl lunch and sometimes dinner. And every time the organizers brought out a whole roast pig similar to that of Chinese. The oxtail soup is gigantic, with generous veggies. The meat is very tender but not off the bone, which requires a little persuasion to get it off.

The sinamak (spicy vinegar) is yummy!

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