Din Tai Fung in LA

400 S Baldwin Ave., Unit 231
Arcadia, CA 91007
(626) 446-8588

Ding Taifeng or DTF has a few eateries in US – on the west coast tho, none in New York. This one is located in Westfield Mall in Arcadia. It looks pretty good, open with no long line = not much of waiting, on a Sunday, which is new to me. The foods are decent as usual. Juicy xiao long bao is great. We tried red bean buns this time, which are delicious with thin skin/wrap. My classmate who lunched with us said the owner of the DTF is her client/friend. I was going to bring a banner to protest but forgot – so no DTF in New York for the time being. She said DTF is family owned, into the third generation.



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