Nicaragua day 5: Wednesday, May 20, 2009

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We started the day early.
The Nica recycles the school buses fm the US, and they expand to include the usage of the roofs too. Pretty cool.
We first stopped at a gas station for fuels: coffee for humans and oil for the van. Unfortunately it’s too early. Then upon close inspection, even it opens, the coffee won’t be good …
coffee rosa
Btw, I brought two kinds of coffees from the supermarket. Golfer tried Segovia
“Hmmm .. very good.”
So they’re good.
Haven’t tried the red one yet.
This bag of thing (above, to the right), King assured me is edible. So I’ve been drinking it. My face, so far, has no special growth or break out. So … I’m continuously drinking it. It’s delicioso.

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Day of adventure: with a hand drew map from Juan, we set out for Montelimar resort.

Montelimar estate was the most attractive properties held by German-Nicaraguans. During WW I, Somoza declared war on Germany hence seize the occasion to confiscate the trophy estates. He purchased Montelimar in a fire sale and installed himself there. It now operates as a privately-owned luxury resort and casino. The main house below from different angles. The resort on the day we were there was scantily populated.

p1040393 p1040391 p1040420 p1040478

An over night stay there cost US$120, for a day time visit till 5pm, it cost US$45 that including buffet style breakfast and lunch. The two-hour drive was uneventful. Couple of times that we went to the wrong fork but Lou was too smart to go far. So no story about getting lost in the wild.

p1040345 p1040347

The resort has the largest swimming pool in Central America.

I was sold long before I even decided if to go to Nicaragua 🙂 .. the largest swimming pool alone is good enough to drew me in.
While in school in Beijing, we competed in the water to see who could lay there for the longest …

The pool’s good. I had good swimming.

Every other resort in Orlando has better and larger pools.

the lobby the courts
Oh the tennis.
We played, glided and slide. Luckily no injury.
The surface was very slippery. The tiled courts at the Jockey Club are far superior.

The little zoo is cute and the pool is neat.

We road on a huge wheeled tractor, was it necessary? The young driver dressed neatly.
p10403671 p1040339

At breakfast, there were few college students sat next to us. They are psychology major from GFU, George Fox University in Oregon, doing volunteer work in an orphanage for two weeks and spending the last couple of days at the resort. They had a female team leader and the male professor brought his middle school aged daughter.

dsc_25162 p1040416 the open air restaurant ok .. me and the pool

the drinkthe menu

The Tropical Montelimar cocktail tasted great. So I took this picture with receipt. But guess I was too drunk. Above pic is Celestial, contains Triple sec, Blue Curacao, lemon juice and soda. Tropical Montelimar contains white liquor, mint liqueur and orange juice. I’m sure you can figure out the % of each part.

More pics on FB .. swimming pool .. the animal kingdom at Montelima Day 6

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