Weinstuber im Römer

Römerberg 19
60311 Frankfurt

This is another go to place for the locals (next to Old St. Nicholas church) – my friends had their combined birthday celebrations in 2014 and 2019. It’s has been my go to place whenever I’m in town. I like their dark furniture that brings good atmosphere; delicious foods and drinks that feed an hungry belly and satisfy thirsty mouth.

The crispy Hock wine is my favorite, a specialty of the region (hockamore, Hochheimer …). Queen Victoria faves it too – hock is British term for German white wine, or specifically Rhine white wine. The restaurant now adds small plates which is great, which is what I’ve: pork, cucumber salad and hand cheese with music.

Handcheese is one of my faves. They top it with diced onions – which is the music refers to – passing the gas – Germans do have some humors. Ha ha ha. I enjoy the restaurant very much, except the fake tulips – it’s a turn off but their foods and service make it up.


It’s in the Römer, next to the city hall (where mostly mid aged couples getting married), and does get it share of tourists.


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