Tangshan 唐山

Tangshan, Hebei

In 2019

The city is credited as the cradle of China’s modern industry 中国近代工业摇篮, or claimed by Kailuan Group that China’s modern industry started here 中国近代工业从这里走来.

This is my first time but I knew it kind of well: my stepmother died during the 1976 earthquake.

Without traffic, it takes little over two hours from Beijing (facing the sun in the morning there and again, coming home). Speed train is only an hour away. First impression of the city: big, new, many cars but less people on the street, compares to Beijing.

People are warm and helpful. The ticket girl at Kailuan Museum shares her two mangos with me – thanks sweetie. (A small question: why would they have a staff in ticket room when they close on Mondays?)


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