Into a church on a rainy Friday

It’s rainy and cold. I walked into St. Mary’s Catholic church. Something was going on. A priest in the white robe was giving a speach or sermon. His voice and diction was resonating and reassuring. The hall was warm, especially in contrast with the damp outside. The music piping out of the organ is beautiful and powerful. If I was homeless and hungry, this is, probably the place to come. And I’m sure they have been doing that for millenniums. Then, I thought of the valuable little boys and girls who suffered sexual abuse from the predators hiding under the white robes.

On another note or two:

A little less than a week ago, China and Vatican Reach Deal on Appointment of Bishops: NYTBBC and WaPo. Wikepedia’s estimate of baptised Catholics is 1.3 billion, about the as the population of China. Is the market share made the pope to yield? The rule at Vatican can be changed. May the IPOs of Buddhist temples in China make the Pope to relent?

A little while ago, For China’s Buddhist Monks, an IPO Too Far, BloombergThe Economist, FT, Time, Forbes …

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