Qingdao by the water

The Qingdao subway ticket is pretty, one of the stations has a book vendor. Taking the subway at HK Middle Road and Shandong Road, to Taiping Road by the sea.

Walking along the water, the area is pleasing, unhurried. At that hour, wasn’t crowded.

Buildings painted in varied colors.


The Prince Heinrich Hotel is next to Qingdao Daily 青岛日报社.


Next, to the Qingdao Posts & Telecommunications Museum 青岛邮电博物馆 @ 5 Anhui Road (closed), known as the Gothic Tower. This old building was built in 1901 by the Germans, on the corner of (位于市南区安徽路5号,安徽路与广西路交界处) Anhui and Guangxi roads. A neat window. The south gate leads up to a bookstore Liangyou 良友.


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