The German architecture 

Qingdao was under German occupation since 1898.

The way they came into possession was disgraceful.

But Qingdao’s development impressed Zhou Fu so much that he lobbied to open Jinan to foreign trade.


The photo on the left is Hotel George 1906. The right photo is the German Empire Court in Jiaozhou 胶州帝国法院, built in 1912-4. This is part of German archietecture group in Qingdao 青岛德国建筑群, now the Southern District Court 青岛南区人民检察院.


Jiaozhou Governor’s Hall 青岛德国总督府旧址/胶澳总督府 @ 南区沂水路11号 built in 1905 (Friedrich Mahlke was the architect). An old photo of the building.


Luther’s Apartment 路德公寓 @ 4 Dexian Road (德县路4号), some history; and Laoshe Park.


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