Le 52

52 Rue du Faubourg Saint-Denis
75010 Paris, France

Will return. Their wine glasses caught my eyes.

It’s on a small street – St. Denis – that’s filled with restaurants and cafes and bars. This one has both indoor and outdoor seatings. We sit inside – I can’t take the smokers. French music. Great food, bread, and great wines. They let you taste the wine first – which is great.

The mozzarella is just simply wonderful. The table next to us – threesome order two -:).

Also they have teas from China – no I didn’t try.

The only down side is – they provide too much bread – I almost eat them all -:) of course it’s their fault ha ha ha

In general I find restaurants, acafes in that matter have less waiting staff and they work very efficiently. They don’t come to chat. They serve and don’t brother you unless you signal them. Well it’s a profession in Europe … working seamlessly is beautiful to watch.


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