66 Avenue de la Motte-Picquet
75015 Paris, France

Since I’ve been drinking tea, I’m constantly in need of hot water. Starbucks is one of my sources, in and outside of US. Most times, I’ll get a cup of tea and ask them to fill my own bottle. There has been no problem at all. Other times, I’ll just offer to pay for hot water and was always told, “no … it’s ok …” Not just Starbucks but other businesses too – I got my first refusal today at this location.

We’ve just had our fill at Montparnasse – Bienvenüe branch and don’t want an extra cup. So I asked for the hot watering English. Two girls were manning the desk. One of them said something in French and shaking her hands and head.

“No hot water?”

“No hot water.” She said.

“Starbucks has no hot water?”


“Do you sell hot tea? Pls keep the tea bag out.”

That worked for her. In any case, she didn’t offer me the tea bag nor receipt. I’m wondering, how does the store do inventory at end of that day?

An American in Paris

The number of Starbucks in Europe is a bit surprise to me – I never thought MacDonald would flourish in China too. There was  the anti big corporation movement in France not too long ago. The cafes are still everywhere and filled with people but in general I’d say people in a Starbucks is slightly outnumber patrons in a near by cafe. On the menu, there is an item called Americano. Why do I feel funny upon seeing it?

Another observation is, someone walking the street with a Starbucks drink in hand – nine of ten or nine is an American. Not Americano -:).

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