Chengdu 成都

Qijiang @ Chengdu

We arrived late from Taiyuan – actually our train arrived five minutes early than scheduled. But our hotel was cross the street from the station, at 11:35pm, the street was buzzed with cars and people.

My first impression of Chengdu is: old, old buildings even the top brands in downtown. Smokers, lots of them, even in the restaurants. Hot – spicy. I consider myself can handle pretty spicy food but my first fray out was a mistake. I asked for the mild (medium and hot) spicy but it almost killed me. The oil and saltiness upset my stomach so much that I’ve to run to a bathroom, twice, and the following day.

Sichuan cuisine has been in vogue worldwide in recent decades but it hits me only now that Sichuan food has two traits: salt and spice. Let’s face it: salt = tasty.

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