WanAn Cemetery 万安公墓

Hanhe Rd, Haidian District,
Beijing, China

There is a subway (Metro) station cross the street; the parking is ¥10. The Hanhe Road 旱河路 is filled with touring buses on either side, which are for Xiangshan Fragrant Hills (香山). The foliage is pretty … however, crowds would make me think twice.

This is well kept cemetery, in recent years.

Many Chinese, especially the artists, are fond of using the ‘old fashioned’ way 甲子 to express years…
己夘, 是己卯 (1879, 1939, 1999) a typo.
辛巳年: 1941, 2001 …
壬午年: 1942, 2002 …
己未年: 1919, 1979 …
The problem I see is, not everyone is capable of using it. This small headstone has three mistakes.

  1. 己夘: It should be 己卯. One could argue that it’s an old way of writing (旧体) or 通假. I disagree because,
    1. Chinese is standardized language by now 汉语属于规范性了
    2. casualness & fun writing doesn’t fit the occasion (‘妹子’ = ‘妹纸’) beside, it was 1980, 通假 wasn’t popular. 
    3. also due to 2 and 3 below – just too many mistakes
  2. 壬午: It should be 辛巳. This is miscounting. Jan 1942 was still 辛巳, not yet 壬午.  
  3. 己未: 1919, 1979, etc. This mistake is too far out of my imagination because the death occurred in 1954, which was 甲午. 

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