Xinhua Hotel 新华大酒店

105 Xinhua E Road 新华东道105号
Tangshan, China

This hotel has seen a better day. It used to be the tallest building. Next to the hotel, a new building is going up. I didn’t check the hotel before booking, just took a recommendation from a local friend. Location is great, opposite from Wanda Plaza, diagonally from Dazhao Park (大钊) and a stone throw away from Kailuan headquarter and Kailuan Hotel. It’s a revolving restaurant on the top, where I’ve two breakfasts: almost forgot that I’ve paid for, -:). Often I was the only customer. Food varieties were limited.


Left is for sale, that included a toilet seat cover… pretty inventive = sneaky.

Wanda Plaza

Tangshan Workers Hospital 唐山工人医院 (calligraphies by Zhu De) and Tangshan Kailuan #1 Secondary School 唐山开滦一中.

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