Project 19

Lincoln Center

2020 is the 100th anniversary of the Nineteenth Amendment when women’s suffrage was granted. It’s also the 200th birth of Susan B. Anthony, the women’s right advocate. So Lincoln Center assembles Project 19, showcases 19 women composers. Tonight’s program

  1. Brahms’ violin concerto XS
  2. Tania León’s Stride
  3. Strauss’ Der Rosenkavlier Suite

Janine Jansen’s long arms and big movements remind me of Robert McDuffie. León was one of the refugees to Miami from Casto’s Cube in 1967. People often says, good system turns a bad person into good …

妇女能顶半边天 [愉快]
第十九修正案 (女性投票)百年纪念
苏珊·安东尼 200年生辰

勃拉姆斯的小提琴协奏曲 [强][玫瑰]. 不过🎻 Janine Jansen 的绿窗帘不敢恭维 (俺够讨厌的). 个子高 胳膊长的多余. 台风和Robert McDuffie 相似 – 功夫巨星.

下半场有一曲来自女作曲家Tania Leon. 她的🎵不是我的口味 但是她的身世有趣:她是1967年卡斯特罗不要的那些“低端”古巴人 被踢到到迈亚密找生活…一提起那段难民潮 可能说的最多的就是 好的制度能把坏人变好人 … [闭嘴]

The Times Square is lively as usual. Passing by Penguin Random House @ 1745 Broadway, couldn’t help but take a photo.

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