A Ford dealership

I’ve been watching a little Boardwalk Empire and in one of season 1 episodes, one of the characters held the book, International Jew, which was an antisemitic booklets or pamphlets published and distributed in the early 1920s by Henry Ford, the auto maker. And passing by it today, I thought to myself, really, in this Jewish town?

The four of us walked 2.7 miles. I then went to shop: very few customers and very few of us wore face masks. The cashiers are covered by the clear plastic curtains but don’t wear masks. When I came home, saw that the gardeners came: could never remember the white powder’s name and don’t know if they wear masks – here is NPR’s Planet Money: Food And Farmworkers.

While the magnolia is still waiting to dazzle us, the cherry blossoming has began. So I made up a story:

A tree of life:

A girl meets a boy.
They quarrel
They make up
… into a church
and marry
and have children.

ha ha ha … enjoy. The USNS Comfort sails into New York harbor. Keep up spirits and be well.


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