Swan Lake 天鹅湖

Chongwen District, 20 Taoyuan Dongli 崇文区桃园东里20号
On the Second Ring, 300 m from the Yongdingmen Bridge 南二环路永定门桥东300米
Near 天坛公园 Temple of Heaven Park

Good: movie theater; decent water pressure; 24-hour cycle
Bad: restaurant is dingy and small; the toiletry is limited

Our fifth bathhouse in Beijing, on a rainy night with thunders and lightnings. Two nuts. They are on the service road of the South Second Ring which we’ve passed by it often, so we decided that we had to go.

The façade is old and unappetizing. They’ve been in business for 10 years. The admission is ¥138 that includes the usual dinner (6pm-9pm), mid night snake (11pm-0:30am) and breakfast 7am-8:30am; steam room and sauna; common resting area. They offer two movies each night at 8pm daily. The body scrub is ¥48 till clean, the four scrubbing beds are separated by a permanent side divider – provide a little privacy compare to others, all in an open hall. It’s empty when I took the shot, except few scrubers. In fact, most clubs said ok to my picture taking. The 60 minutes foot rub can be done in the private rooms, resting area or the movie theater, cost ¥138.
The private room with two beds starts at 60 yuan per house, 240 per 24-hour day. The 豪华间 the lux room has 5 beds, 150 yuan per hour or 600 per day. All rooms have no bathroom.

Two movies a day, one foreign and on domestic. The night we were there, we had the choice of DeCaprio’s Inception and a comedy looking Chinese movie.
“Does it have English subtitles?” Pump asked.
“No.” The staff replied.
We’ve seen the Inception, so we opted for the Chinese. As it turned out, it does have English subtitle.
“Are they original?” I had no idea why did I ask.
“No, they’re all pirated CDs. .. because it’s cheaper.”
The quality is ok. The movie started out promisingly: a male teacher in western suite teaching a high school class. Most kids aren’t listening. He walked slowly to a girl who has head phone on. He asked her to take it off. She refused.
“Pls stand up.” He ordered. When she made no more, he tried to grab her arm to get her up. In the tussle, her cell phone dropped to the floor.
“Stand up.” He demanded.
“You pick up my phone first.” She retorted.
He did.
Then the movie lost its steam, becoming slow. As soon as we left, the staff came in to turn off the projector and the lights. Guess we were the hickies.

That night rained heavily.

The decor is decent. As usual, the steam room is empty and not hot enough. More than enough staff lined up everywhere, they bow as you walk by. A girl would swipe up the soap bubble as we were washing: each shower stale has no curtains, as usual. Not sure its her job or she was bored to tears.

The common resting room is very neat .. then I realized why: each sofabed isn’t equipped with a TV monitor .. 3 flatbed on the wall, with sounds on. Don’t know when and IF will they turn that off.

All the private room hallways smell of smoke, which is allowed in the room. I had confrontation in the restaurant. Two women lighted up cigarettes after the meal. I asked the waitress first who deferred to the head waiter, a lady in black uniform. She didn’t go to the table, instead she went to a man in a polo shirt. They talked. Nothing happened.
I got up and went over.
Mr. Polo said, “I’ll talk to them.”
He made no move. SO I went over to the table, pointed to the No Smoking sign and said, “Please, don’t smoke”.
The women gave me a blank look.
Polo offered to move us to a room.
I said ok .. but Pumpkin said noway.
Don’t you love my girl??!!
Why should we move!
The smoke stopped.
Polo explained that the most they could do is to ask.
“You set the rule. It’s up to you to enforce it.” I lectured. Why did I bother to do that?! 八婆 plus 事儿妈

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