Dalang Yaosha 大浪淘沙

DaLang Taosha 大浪淘沙
桂林路 588 Guilin Road, 021.6436.6666
(Metro Line 9, use Exit 4)

Good: Garden on the 5th floor (but smoking is allowed there!); rainforest; hot steam room
Bad: service; lunch

Entrance fee ¥79 for 12 hours cycle, includes sauna/steam room/shower, and lunch which serves 11:30am-1:30pm. Checking out after 2am, additional ¥30 Overnight fee will be accessed.

They have tubs: one with flower petals, one with jets and one with two pounding rain which is my favored. The pounding water last about a minute, 铺天盖地 blot out the sky and cover up the earth, really. Open shower stalls. The rooms are from ¥339 (sleeps two) to ¥2,000 sleeps 4.

My first impression upon enter is dingy. There wasn’t any greeters outfitted in outlandish dresses. The few girls in the locker room weren’t helpful. We got to the buffet lunch little before 1pm, the food were all gone or nearly empty. The fruit bar displays only water melon and yellow melon, both looked old. Someone dropped a plateful melon on the floor; the melons remained on the ground for the rest of the time. According to the manager, this bath house is one of the better ones in Shanghai.

The in door garden on the fifth floor is nice, although the ceiling is low. It also has children playing area. Here is another review.


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