Dumplings at the Qin’s tea house

秦强 Qin Qiang is my grade school classmate. Although I can’t claim that I’ve seen him in diapers but close. Second day in Beijing, my grade school mates decided to to treat me a home made dumplings. The class monitor 班长 even brought many cookies that dating back to our times, as the luxury, nostalgia aside, they still taste fine. Yan orchestrated the whole thing, from making the fillings, to the dough. Qin is very good at making the wrappers: very fast. In comparison, I looked bit kiddish. So I stayed away.

瀚若居茶院 is in the Old Summer Palace 圆明园, YuanMingYuan, where years ago was burned and looted by the Brits and the Frenchies. That’s the history. Qin leases the place, paying 180,000 RMB annually. I don’t think he and his partners are aiming at make money with the place, rather a place to cultivate friends. We feasted in the courtyard.

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