FAQs for Nica

Weather: Average Low 75 / High 96. There are only 2 seasons: Dry and Rain seasons. May is the beginning of the rain season. You will still see more sun than you wanted.

– water proof windbreaker. A foldable umbrella is useful.
– a visor, a hat, sun block oil if you do not like to get a tan.
– old sneakers: some places are muddy and sandy.
– your medicine. There are many pharmacies but ..
– mosquito repellent, mosquito bite ointment.

Passport and driver’s license: Bring both. My friend lost her passport during the Nica trip with me. She found out on the date of our departure. She had to stay behind for 2 more days to get the passport reissued at the US Consulate in Managua. Luckily she had her driver’s license with her. Otherwise it would take longer.

Driving direction is the same as the US. US driver’s license is enough for driving in Nica.

Voltage for electrical appliance is the same as that in the US: 110V.

Currency: Nicaragua Cordoba (NIO). USD 1 = NIO 20

Bring USD bills with no marks and not too wrinkle. We exchange on the streets. Most businesses accept USD.

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