Mar 2 2024

Kamikaze & pelicans

This was taken at Sand Key Park at 8:07am. Reportedly, they do that dive before 9am when they’re hungry.

Watching pelicans thrusting their heads into water to catch their preys, always remind me of Japanese kamikaze – suicide bombers – in the WW II. The difference is, pelicans generally catch their prey, and the Japanese pilots – as human bombers, generally died.

Did middle eastern terrorists learn using humans as bombers from Japan?

  • NIH: terrorism-related attacks in E Asia from 1970
  • State Dept: country reports on terrorism in 2019
  • Justice Dept: psychology of terrorism
  • UNodc: Japan gather countries from Asia, …
  • Navy: terrorism in southeast Asia

Either, I didn’t ask a valid or clear question, or the Middle East didn’t learn from Japan.


Mar 2 2024

James A. Haley Veterans’ Hospital

13000 Bruce B Downs Blvd,
Tampa, FL 33612

… more pix videos on Google Maps

Thanks to the men and women in the military.

I came here with a friend who is a vet. My review is for the look and feel of the place – it’s my first time visiting a veterans’ hospital, and very impressed, with the new building (??) where imaging / mammogram is located.

James A. Haley (1899-1981) was a WWI vet and served as FL Representative for many terms.

It’s early Saturday afternoon. The hospital is quiet. Simple decor, shiny floor, even men’s bathroom has a diaper changing table.

My friend got appointment done in less then 10 min, which also cut my exploration short too.

Parking, however is another story. Our driver was being harassed for pulling in there: you need a permit, I think. Oh well.

Mar 2 2024

Clearwater, FL

The third leg of the Tampa Bay metro area: north of St. Petersburg, west of Tampa, on the Gulf of Mexico. The population is 117,292 (2020 census). It’s a part of Pinellas County.

The two major barrier islands on the Gulf of Mexico are Sand Key (Sand Key Park)  and Clearwater Beach.

A few other islands

  • Caladesi Island
  • Egmont Key
  • Fort De Soto
  • Honeymoon Island
  • Shell Key
  • Anclote Keys
  • One Tree Island

… a restaurant

Mar 2 2024

Clearwater Beach

One of two major barrier islands of Clearwater, part of Tampa Bay metro area.

The narrow strip is highly developed like Disney. Saturated with hotels, many of them are 10+ story high; restaurants; shops; pirate boat rides, etc.

When we drove to Sand Key Park at 7am, the strip is quiet. But after done our 1.2 miles open water swim and award ceremony, at 11, it came alive, maneuvering out was a chord. We missed our turn to Sandbar on the beach, we decided to leave Clearwater Beach, and have our lunch at Hibachi, in Clearwater.