Santos Manjares

Paraguay 938, C1057 AAN,
Buenos Aires

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Won’t return: although the meat is good but the atmosphere is like an Irish pub, suitable for an after game meal. And the a/c is weak, if they’ve it at all.

We arrived at 3:44 on a Friday. Two couples were waiting ahead of us. We were seated 13 minutes later.

The restaurant is pretty small, with a small second floor. When I went, one of servers took my name (ok … she asked for my name, ‘nombre’ and I thought it sounds like number, and gave her my phone number – hope this makes your day … lol). After taking my ‘name’, she closed the door and told/pointed me (I thought) to wait outside.

Our table is close to the door. Some of the subsequent dinners have come in and waisted by the door – so you know how uncomfortable it is for us.

The menu is in Spanish. Google translates does a fine job. Our lunch at Cafe Proa hadn’t disappear completely, so we just ordered two steaks: filet mignon beak and rib eye. All steak comes with one side (I think).

  1. the sauce for bread: looks better than the taste
  2. the bread: pretty good
  3. the filet is tender but tasteless (as usual)
  4. rib eye is more flavorful (as usual)

… nothing is new.

The bill is inexpensive ($32) compare to US but I can’t see myself returning.

The bathroom is downstairs – it’s a trip.

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