Bota Restaurante

Av. Infante Dom Henrique – Glória
Rio de Janeiro – RJ, 20020-140

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Three restaurants (Kitchen, a fusion and an Argentina Corrientes 348) on this marina and non of them are on the water. Maybe their sensibility is different from ours.

They’ve indoor and outdoor seatings.

We got there at 5:48 and no they don’t have tables on the water. So we chose to seat inside. It was quite hot out there. By 6:12, they offered us to sit on the upper deck which is looking over the water. By 6:21, the loud music begins to blast – good it was only testing; it didn’t come on again till 7pm when we were done with our dinner.

The floor of the upper deck isn’t the most stable. Most people there were drinking. Guess they eat late.

We’ve octopus and steak. Octopus is gigantic. They cared to know if my food was ok, I told them the truth – just tooooo big of a portion. The steak is more like breakfast steak.

They sell cigars too. Oh well.

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