Beethoven @ Straz

TFO @ Straz

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The second piece is Beethoven’s 5th and last piano concerto: the Emperor. I’ve listened to this piece many times, and tonight it sounds beautiful as I know -:).

We’ve been to a few concerts that were conducted by Michael Francis (1975?-): a likable young man, with humors, a graduate of Cardiff University School of Music.

The pianist is Spanish Javier Perianes (1978-) who’s pretty short, who doesn’t have a list of impressive schools. I enjoyed his playing. When it was done, he returned quickly to give a Chopin encore, without much claps. While he was playing the Chopin, Francis stood at the side of the stage – I thought that’s a nice gesture.

At the beginning of the concert, of course someone would go to the stage and give a speech. Tonight it’s a chubby woman… who probably spent years climbing or paid handsomely to be in that position. She opened up by bragging that TFO Florida Orchestra is world class. But her presence really cheapens the evening. Mostly, she thanks the sponsors. I even saw Rick Steves (1955-), the travel guru’s name on the screen.

After conductor takes stage, people are still allowed to come in. The ushers are volunteers. I joked to one, “you should go to New York.” One of my tennis buddies Susan who’s a retired teacher, does the usher circuit, from MSG to baseballs … and gets paid in 3 digits even event.

The dinner at Oak & Ola is wonderful.

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