Dec 4 2017

In gold we trust

Dec 4 2017



May 27 2017

Kung Fu Xiao Long Bao

59-16 Main St
Flushing, NY 11355

Consistent. Deserves 3.5; it’s one of our go to eateries in Flushing – off downtown – right off the LIE. Street/meter parking. All are good except the texture of their scallion pancake isn’t to my liking – too soft – should be bit chewy. Shredded chill pepper and beef is bit too sweet. Fried meat buns – sheng jian baos are really good. Their juicy dumplings – xiao long bao is pretty good: better than Joe’s Shanghai but a bit less than Nan Xiang.


May 27 2017

Halesite, New York

Driving east from Gold Star beach park is Haleside, on the east side of the Huntington Harbor (wiki).

There is a family of duckies, dad, mom and kids.

Surfside Deli on the corner of W Shore Road and Mill Dam Road (35).

May 27 2017

Gold Star Beach Park

Browns Rd,
Huntington, NY 11743

Browns Road turns into W Shore Road at the top, by the water. Unfortunately, a gorgeous morning turns into heavy cloud in the afternoon. Without sunshine, the beach looks rather unappetizing. But thanks heaven, it didn’t rain on the wedding.



May 20 2017


857 9th Ave
New York, NY 10019

The joke goes that you need eat to have energy, in order to be able to go on diet. Ehhhh … pardon me my chinglish but you get it.
As I’m closing their handsome but heavy bathroom door, I thought of this joke. You’ll need that little extra strength to deal with the bathroom door. All good and pretty clean bathroom.

High ceiling. Small. Exposed brick walls. Delicious food. Good wines, served in great wine glasses – theirs ranks near the top of my good wine glass list – thin stem and fat bulb, feels really good both in hand and on the lips.

We went on a Saturday evening before the Brahms violin concert @ Lincoln Center. We usually go north for dinner bec the south is just bit dingier. The host asked us if we’ve reservation – so remember to make one – nevertheless, he sat us immediately.

They hang a candle holder as decor. A nice wooden bowl for the shells. A cool tattooed wine connoisseur. Everything feels just fine. The south of Lincoln Center is just as lovable.


May 14 2017

Joe’s Sicilian Bakery

21216 48th Ave
Bayside, NY 11364
(718) 225-2272

This is a tiny Italian bakery, with no sit down. Girls behind the counter are experienced and efficient, working in harmony; making the trip inside pleasant. They offer to cut the round bread (ciabatta?) which is appreciated (I prefer Addeo & Sons Bakery in Bronx tho), although sometimes I do enjoy tearing apart my bread.
The butterfly cookies and biscottis are all good.


May 11 2017

Tout va Bien

311 W 51st St
New York, NY 10019

Bring a seat cushion. Cute little French bistro, a minute walk to Cats. Fresh flowers. Inexpensive wine that tastes good. Yummy bread. Baked Brie, Escargots De Bourgogne and Mussels Mariniere are pretty good;
The Boeuf Bourguignon/beef stew is pretty hard, Pâté Maison is so so. And the seat is … you really need a thick cushion; don’t enjoy this type of Parisian Bohemia -:)

May 4 2017

Princeton Universtiy

In Princeton, NJ.


Apr 9 2017

Belmont, Bronx

Belmont is in the northwest of Bronx is called Little Italy (wiki). It’s far better, authentic and local than the one in New York City, next to Chinatown. The area has a lot to offer. To the west are New York Botanical Garden and Bronx Zoo. To the north is the Fordham University.

We visited

Arthur Avenue is the main street, even it’s a one way street. The buzz in the air is the area is up and coming, being gentrified. I don’t really know why since Fordham University has been there since 1841. It’s very residential and restaurants buy from their neighbors, which is old fashioned and good for the local economy.


The waiting staff at Zero recommended this show: the Bronx Tale