May 19 2019


This term or demand isn’t new. If France is out, the EU is over.

Being the big brother isn’t easy. Did W Germany consider it seriously, with pros and cons?

Absorbing East brothers and sisters wasn’t easy. Maybe they over extended themselves.

May 19 2019

Fragonard Perfume

My goodness, perfume becomes a hot commodity for the Asians? They don’t even have a habit of using it. The shop at Gold is packed like a refugee camp. Mostly are Indians but a few signs in the small yard are in Chinese only … I’m embarrassed.

May 18 2019

Eglise – L’église St Nicolas-des Champs

254 rue St-Martin,
Paris 75003

It has a cafe and at the back a flee market – we stop by on a Friday afternoon – not sure if they run it on daily basis.

May 17 2019

Saint Denis Gate

The Porte St. Denis is on the rue du St. Denis in Paris 10e. It’s part of the old city wall.


Walking down rue St. Martin is the science museum and

May 17 2019

Getting into Paris fm CDG

We take the RER to Paris from CDG to their north station (Gare du Nord). It’s about 40 min ride and cost €10.03. The machines asks for pin for my credit card and I use my zip code.

Get to see a little suburb of Paris. The Gare du Nord has far more shops than Grand Central and Penn in New York.

May 16 2019

separation anxiety

We checked in together but the desk agent (no kiosks) assigned us to two different rows. And of course I didn’t check, till boarding. The reason is I didn’t pay $33 to pre select my seat, so here we go. Many European airlines charge such fee.

The flight attendants are nice and quickly switched us. Mind you my husband almost has a heart attack to see me so soon, ha ha ha – we took off together. Thanks to them.

The ride into Paris is easy with RER.

Apr 19 2019


220-33 Northern Blvd
Bayside, NY 11361

Old fashioned Spanish eatery. 47 years old and one of staff has been there for 40 plus years.

I pass by it all the time and never thought of dine there – like an old furniture – ha ha ha – Will return.

Service and food are great. The Paella is good.
A Semi basement but the ceiling height is good.

String beans are soft
Bread is great
Like their mini decanter (not the glass tho)
Sauces are delicious that we nearly finished two basket of bread – don’t supply the second basket pls.
Bathroom is clean – the only complain would be three stalls making it too tight and unnecessary – two would have been a better choice.

Tiles – one wrong (are you thinking the Glazed Tiles …) – not a complain – just something you can look forward to -:)

Apr 13 2019

Street Fair on Broadway

Cherry blossom, Mohandas K. Gandhi in the Union Square market


Grace Church


and the street fair on Broadway … walked some 7.8 miles


Mar 26 2019

Bar SixtyFive

30 Rockefeller Plaza
New York, NY 10112

This bar is on the 65th floor as the Rainbow Room, with the 10′ high ceiling on north, west and south sides. The drinks are fine, nothing is really special. You go there more for the view. On a quiet night with the clear sky, it’s very nice.

Mar 26 2019

Times Square

Another Day out at the heart of the Big Apple.