Apr 9 2017

Belmont, Bronx

Belmont is in the northwest of Bronx is called Little Italy (wiki). It’s far better, authentic and local than the one in New York City, next to Chinatown. The area has a lot to offer. To the west are New York Botanical Garden and Bronx Zoo. To the north is the Fordham University.

We visited

Arthur Avenue is the main street, even it’s a one way street. The buzz in the air is the area is up and coming, being gentrified. I don’t really know why since Fordham University has been there since 1841. It’s very residential and restaurants buy from their neighbors, which is old fashioned and good for the local economy.


The waiting staff at Zero recommended this show: the Bronx Tale


Apr 8 2017


@ NYBG. The size can not compare to the desert garden @ Huntington Library. This is New York and we do have cold winters -:). They live in the conservatory.


Apr 8 2017

Native plant garden

@ NYBG. A gift of the Leon Levy Foundation, 2013. Park goers with their big canons. The path is a great place for yoga.


Mar 20 2017

Runyon Ranch

3050 Runyon Canyon Rd,
Los Angeles, CA 90046

It’s on the long and winding Mulholland Drive (remember the movie – directed by David Lynch in 2001; mystery/crime). The hike is pretty steep and parking is tight – a cop is handing out tickets; but the views are great. The day starts cloudy but as we climb, the skies clear up. Hooray.


Mar 20 2017

Ssam Korean BBQ

1040 S Western Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90006

You come here to eat, with gusto. Authentic and down to earth atmosphere (no frill). Friendly and energetic young male waiting staff. The parking lot is small and can get busy easily. Another name for this restaurant is veggie wrap: aside from the usual romaine and lettuce, they offer mint (so large and round, very pretty), rice flour sheets, seaweed and even parsley, pretty neat. It’s my first time to eat white/colorless kimchi. They also offer the egg pot and kimchi pot are on the house. I’ll return.


Mar 18 2017

Olvera Street

This Spanish/Hispanic area in Los Angeles, is next door to Chinatown. The streets, the people and the music. It’s LA’s oldest house – Avila Adobe.

Mar 18 2017

Fortune Gourmet

727 N Broadway
Los Angeles, CA 90012

In a time capsule. Definitely will return.

Randomly we walked in and the rest is history. Very Cantonese and old fashioned, which I don’t see often even in New York. The dining hall is pleasant. They serve you a soup and pot of tea without asking; after the dishes come out they put a pot of rice in the red container.

The French filet mignon, although is too sweet for my taste but is very tender, love it – highly recommend. The tofu pot, please remember what Anthony Bourdain says in the movie The Big Short? … is ok (perhaps a few items are indeed left over …); the fried squid is tasty but not much squid.

The bathroom is ok and they validate your parking ticket – I parked on the street – don’t know which parking lot/garage tho.The bathroom is ok. They validate parking. A smaller dinning room to the left.

Mar 16 2017

LA downtown

To the southeast of Staples Center, in LA, sees army recruitment center, new buildings being completed and under way …

Mar 16 2017


403 W 12th St
Los Angeles, CA 90015
(213) 415-1821

A good 3.5 small plate bat restaurant, in a up and coming area – the gallery across the street was hosting a party for the perspective apartment renters/buyers.

I like the high ceiling and decor. Food/service is good. There’s networking cocktail party going on – so many suits and skirts. The lamb is tender and delicious, the shrimps are little short.

The neighborhood is full of constructions: newly built and some are under way.


Mar 16 2017

Eric Garcetti

Los Angeles‘ mayor since 2013. We ran into his press conference at the Griffith Observatory, announcing DASH service. No one except a few staff and media. One reporter (or maybe just a visitor to the park?) use mobile phone (see the credit cards?) on a tripod, pretty cute.

The homes on Hillhurst Avenue and N Vermont Avenue are pretty nice. Not sure what the complains are: the Observatory was opened in 1935. Most residents there should have known what they’re getting into. If they don’t like the traffic, they shouldn’t have chose to live there.