Jul 27 2020

Bull sharks visit Long Island

Might it be a good news that our water is clean enough that the sharks are coming to enjoy? 97 degrees beach day but a few beaches on the South Shore of Long Island are restricting beachgoers to stay within the first wave after the report that bull sharks are seen in the water. From time to time, helicopter and police boat are seen.

These oystercatchers are plentiful @ Nickerson Beach 

They’ve long red beaks and like to glide in the air: lovely seabirds and fun to watch.

The beach has no shower. Parking is $15.

Jun 7 2020

A protest

George Floyd’s death, caused a turbulent time, on top of a pandemic. A protest was held in the park.


May 20 2020

Flowers and plants

Seeing them grow is one of the joys accompanying our walks during the corona virus.


May 1 2020

A storyhouse, chimes and a treehouse

A scooter or vespa roaring by as we walk on Nassau,

… on Beverly: the mason work on their facade is fantastic

… and a treehouse and many chimes. The electrical cables are necessity but make it less appealing. Kensington. 

Apr 29 2020

It matches

Talking about match 门当户对 … the color of the door and the window shutters match the color of the tree.

On my way to meet my girls, at the small T juncture in the park, this gentleman and I gestured to let other go first. Once he did, I said to myself, gosh, doesn’t he look like Denny DeVito or Joe Pesci? … which brought me to think the recent movie The Irishman. Pesci should have won the Oscar for his role he played in the movie.

Apr 20 2020

Than you heros

Since the pandemic

Apr 20 2020

Biking again!

Estate Park

I haven’t biked since Macau in 2016. The other day, a friend said, “this is probably a good time to pick up again since there are so few cars on the road.”

That’s it, I’m biking. However, my bike needs a tuneup and I need a new helmet.


Mar 31 2020

Bottled history

I was disappointed to see the long line at Trader Joe’s, so I went to Total Wine, instead. There are many jokes of what wine could do to your health. So, it’s appropriated.

No gloves but a wet wipe stand by the entrance. The store is not busy, not much different from a normal weekday noon.

As I was looking to pick up some 7 Deadly Zins of CA and then I spotted this Aussie’s 19 Crimes. A dozen more sins.

The nineteen crimes refers to the criminals in Britain who didn’t want to die, so they were sentenced to live in Australia as a punishment, rather than facing death, since 1788 or so.

Quite a different story nowadays, the land for the outlaws becomes one of the most desirable countries on the planet.

Mar 30 2020

A Ford dealership

I’ve been watching a little Boardwalk Empire and in one of season 1 episodes, one of the characters held the book, International Jew, which was an antisemitic booklets or pamphlets published and distributed in the early 1920s by Henry Ford, the auto maker. And passing by it today, I thought to myself, really, in this Jewish town?

The four of us walked 2.7 miles. I then went to shop: very few customers and very few of us wore face masks. The cashiers are covered by the clear plastic curtains but don’t wear masks. When I came home, saw that the gardeners came: could never remember the white powder’s name and don’t know if they wear masks – here is NPR’s Planet Money: Food And Farmworkers.

While the magnolia is still waiting to dazzle us, the cherry blossoming has began. So I made up a story:

A tree of life:

A girl meets a boy.
They quarrel
They make up
… into a church
and marry
and have children.

ha ha ha … enjoy. The USNS Comfort sails into New York harbor. Keep up spirits and be well.


Feb 21 2020

Ristorante Caterina de’ Medici & Al Forno Trattoria

1946 Campus Dr,
Hyde Park, NY 12538

The Italian restaurant @ CIA. Unfortunately it doesn’t open for lunch .. or at least not in February. Unlucky for us.

It’s the only one (of three) that is housed away from the Roth Hall, designed by the architect Roberto Magris.