Mar 20 2017

Canyon Ranch


Mar 19 2017

Din Tai Fung in LA

400 S Baldwin Ave., Unit 231
Arcadia, CA 91007
(626) 446-8588

Ding Taifeng or DTF has two shops in US, one in LA and one in Seattle. The LA one is located in Westfield Mall in Arcadia. It looks the best, IMHO so far, with basically no line = not much of waiting, on a Saturday. The red bean buns are delicious with thin skin/wrap.


Mar 18 2017

Olvera Street

This Spanish/Hispanic area in Los Angeles, is next door to Chinatown. The streets, the people and the music. It’s LA’s oldest house – Avila Adobe.

Mar 18 2017

Fortune Gourmet

727 N Broadway
Los Angeles, CA 90012

In a time capsule. Definitely will return.

Randomly we walked in and the rest is history. Very Cantonese and old fashioned, which I don’t see often even in New York. The dining hall is pleasant. They serve you a soup and pot of tea without asking; after the dishes come out they put a pot of rice in the red container.

The French filet mignon, although is too sweet for my taste but is very tender, love it – highly recommend. The tofu pot, please remember what Anthony Bourdain says in the movie The Big Short? … is ok (perhaps a few items are indeed left over …); the fried squid is tasty but not much squid.

The bathroom is ok and they validate your parking ticket – I parked on the street – don’t know which parking lot/garage tho.The bathroom is ok. They validate parking. A smaller dinning room to the left.

Mar 16 2017

LA downtown

To the southeast of Staples Center, in LA, sees army recruitment center, new buildings being completed and under way …

Mar 16 2017


403 W 12th St
Los Angeles, CA 90015
(213) 415-1821

A good 3.5 small plate bat restaurant, in a up and coming area – the gallery across the street was hosting a party for the perspective apartment renters/buyers.

I like the high ceiling and decor. Food/service is good. There’s networking cocktail party going on – so many suits and skirts. The lamb is tender and delicious, the shrimps are little short.

The neighborhood is full of constructions: newly built and some are under way.


Mar 13 2017

Aperitif Bistro Bayside

213-41 39th Ave
Bayside, NY 11361
(718) 215-6470

Will go again -:)

An appetizing & charming little eatery right off Bell Blvd. Their bar is at the front – to the right and the dinning hall is at the back. The second floor dinning hall is good for parties. Welcoming decor. Decent service/food/presentations. Spacious and clean bathroom. Sidewide Pinot Noir is delicious; also like their stems. The portion is bit too big but all pretty yummy, except the pork – it’s off the bone soft but a little tasteless.


Mar 7 2017

Mount Hope Cemetery

50 Jackson Ave,
Hastings-On-Hudson, NY 10706
(914) 478-1855 Barbara levy

Mar 7 2017

Hastings on Hudson

1 River St,
Hastings-On-Hudson, NY 10706
(914) 478-2800

Highly recommend. I went there on a snowy sunny day in 2011, all great and delicious. Today, all good and delicious too, without sunshine. The dates, wrapped in bacon are yummy. I’ve never been there during warmer months – one summer we stopped by on the way home, at 9:35, the place was packed! Oh boy. I think I enjoy the colder times -:).

The fatty charcuterie although a delicacy but I don’t enjoy much: during my childhood in Beijing, we had plenty of pork lar: saute, used it as butter on buns with soy sauce to add flavor … it was delicious then -:)

We left at 6 pm and there was a group of kids, 6 years old (?), which is unusual. Two tennis bubbles are next door – but the kids are in street cloth tho. 


Mar 7 2017

Untermyer Gardens

945 North Broadway
Yonkers, NY 10701
(914) 613-4502

This park is named after Samuel Untermyer (1858-), the first lawyer to earn a million dollar fee on a single case in US, and was expertly knowledgeable about horticulture. He’s a partner in the law firm of Guggenheimer, Untermyer & Marshall. His wife was equally endearing, among many things she accomplished was transformed the New York Philharmonic in 1909, and brought Gustav Mahler to conduct the orchestra.

I went on a cloudy day but still captivated by her location and beauty. The Temple of Love that atop of man-made stone hill, although is rebuilt (nothing looked like the old one) but it very enchanting. Looking over the Hudson River, I thought: this has to be the most beautiful place for a wedding in the autumn!