May 23 2019

Frankfurt Messe

Messe, where the Frankfurter Buchmesse (FBM) holds every October, is the world largest book fair.

May 23 2019

Frankfurt 2019

Train from Paris to Frankfurt is six minutes late, which was rare to me but the Germans are joking it’s the new normal.

  1. 5.23 Thur, Messe; Goethe Uni
  2. 5.24 Fri, a demonstrationGemalten Haus; Mutter
  3. 5.25 Sat, a garden & a walk; Altstadt; birthday party
  4. 5.26 Sun, Café Extrablatt; hike @ Oberursel;  strawberry farmer
  5. 5.27 Mon, to French Open


Jun 4 2017

The 9th day of Ramadan

In Frankfurt. I was invited to a Syrian’s home for dinner, whom I’ve met in 1980s. Her children are all grown now, with multiple grand kids. Women ate at a different room. Mom, who runs a day care center, is celebrating her birthday joins us with her sons and their male friends. During the meal, they went out to pray. Her daughter isn’t wearing a head scarf because her job forbids. The other young woman with head scarf is a student who goes to college. Universities are free in Germany, that even includes their transportation. The baklava from Patisserie de l’Arabie (Hardenbergstraße 15, 60327 Frankfurt; Yelp) are delicious: not too oily and sweet.






Jun 4 2017

Cologne in 1950s

By Heide, retake with iPhone in Frankfurt.


Jun 3 2017

Americans in Frankfurt

I’ve had California Barefoot wine before, in the US. Seeing them in Frankfurt, selling at such low price, I’m a bit surprised. However, California wines are decent, so on this front, I’m not surprised.

Kockkase/cooked cheese (spread), hand cheese and wine cheese



Jun 3 2017

Bockenheimer Anlage

Frankfurt am Main

This small green space with a pond, a fountain and couple of sculptures, next to Alte Oper is part of Wallanlagen/Wall Park where once was the city wall that was built in 14th and turned down in 19th century. Bockenheimer Anlage is named after one of the 7 gates:

  1. the Untermainanlage
  2. the Gallusanlage
  3. the Taunusanlage
  4. the Bockenheimer Anlage
  5. the Eschenheimer Anlage
  6. the Friedberger Anlage and
  7. the Obermainanlage



Jun 3 2017

Börse – stock exchange

It’s small as Frankfurt stock market is one of the biggies. They give tour on opening days, free of change but need to make reservation the day before. Lange Nacht der Industrie on June 20th is advertised.


Jun 3 2017

Every dog has her day

Dogs, bride and crowds at the alte oper.

Jun 2 2017

The red district

A block from the train station in Frankfurt is the sex area. It looks rather small.

Jun 2 2017


One of the few pedestrian bridges on Main in Frankfurt, linking city district of Sachsenhausen (museum mile) and the Bahnhofsviertel (central station).