Zum Gemalten Haus

Schweizer Str. 67,
60594 Frankfurt am Main, Germany

In 2019

This is my friend’s go to restaurant in Sachenhause before retirement. Now in his retirement, he goes there on Fridays, meeting friends and talks about sports. I’ve been going there with him and his wife since 1983 – ya ya I’m old -:). Had my first glass of Apple wine there and loving it. There is a tree smacks in the middle of a table. Bread sellers, rose sellers … all part of the charm. Today at lunch, my friend purchased some breads for tomorrow’s breakfast.

Murals on the walls – gemalten means pairing. Good hearty foods. Decent service. Very comfy bathroom – for such old and homey place – the water leveler for toilet is on the floor – to the left of the toilet – in case you’re a little tipsy.

This time around, I find Europe is less expensive – 12.99 euro buys a lunch that includes asparagus soup, cucumber and salmon with potato.

And the differences: no napkins offered (… and I didn’t wear sleeves  … ); and for a 86 degree day (which is somewhat rare) they open windows for cooling – USA is too wasteful and extreme on this issue – you need a thick jacket in the summer and a bikini in the winter to counter the a/c and heat. Regardless what the Donald decides to do, like pulling out of Paris Accord, I’m sure USA will stands tall and leads the world to a better place. Go USA! Long live USA!


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