May 10 2017

Chinatown, refreshing

Lower Manhattan, New York. I haven’t been to Chinatown in a long time. Even when I went, was usually on Canal Street. Today I went to Baxter Street, kind of nested inside of the area. It looks and feels very refreshing. Updated. There is a tutor school, too.

您多久没去下城的唐人街了? 俺好多年没有去了. 以前去也只是在 Canal St 附近. 今天去 有点刮目相看.


May 10 2017

Le Parisien

163 E 33rd St
New York, NY 10016

A cute little neighborhood French bistro on the east side. Unfortunately my guests were on vegan diet for the day – it’s the 15th of the month on lunar calendar. We’ll have to order double pasta which isn’t on the menu and double salad. Good service and good food, pretty yummy wine by the glass. Yelp review

May 10 2017

The World Trade Center

Taken with iPhone 6, inside of the cab.


May 10 2017

Tour of New York

A whirlwind few days in the city and upstate:

May 10 2017

Statue of Liberty

You got to listen to your husband, I’m serious. I was playing tour guide and heading over to Lady Liberty because that’s what my charges want. For a moment, I didn’t know where to go. So I got on the cab and heading toward South Ferry, and calling up my spouse.
“Hi Honey, I’m going to see the Lady with the torch.”
“Really? Do you have a reservation?”
“What reservation?”
“It’s a huge production. You need a reservation.”
I was thinking, holy molly I didn’t.
So as soon as we got off the cab, a few ticket agents surrounded us and trying to sell us. Since I was told about ‘reservation’ and these guys kept telling me that we just pay a little more so we don’t have to wait online. Whatever. I paid. …. and as you know, husbands are always right. Their boats only circle the Lady, they don’t land on the island. And the next departure was 1.5 hours away. I wasn’t happy. I took them on the South Ferry to Staten Island and back, then asked the guy for a refund. He did.

不听老公话 吃亏在眼前 😂. 人生第二次去拜见女神🗽. 老公说需要订位… 俺自以为是,得意洋洋买了一个🎫 (错票). 然后欢天喜地的去上🚢 结果就没有然后了. 够愚🐟… 最近来了四波娘家人,高兴过头,有点不知道姓什么了 [Smart]. 七月还会有娘家人要来,俺就一直兴奋下去吧. 不八了,去看看俺的头在哪儿哈 [Facepalm]



May 10 2017

Guangming Temple 光明寺

146 Baxter Street
New York, NY 10013

I’m not too surprised to find this temple in Chinatown but their size is pretty big: four stores above the ground, plus a basement. The front door is at 214 Center Street.

The ground/street floor is for worshiping, with two separate rooms. Upper floors have offices, library and guest rooms.


This lady is 90 years old who helps out in the kitchen in basement. On the first and 15th of each month on lunar calendar, they service free lunch, like the soup kitchen kids all worked at when they were young. The veggie dishes they cooked are really delicious. I helped out for two hours. Of course, some would take advantage by having more than one meals. The staff seem to know who they are. When an elderly woman who’s hunched severely has two tickets, they ask her to give up one for others.


The dish on the left is chopped stems from the dried shiitake mushrooms, just saute it with oil and salt – very yummy.