Jan 31 2019

1 degree

It’s 1 ° gosh New York has not seen this cold weather for a long time. Aren’t they cold? We’re so close!

Jan 30 2019

Boulud Sud

20 W 64th St,
New York, NY 10023

Before Ax’s concert, we dined. Very delicious food (big portion) with nice presentation, so is the service, just right. Our waitstaff has a trainee follows her around. The single dinning hall is bit jammed tho. The freebie sweet – sesame square reminds me of the candy we had when I was little in Beijing.

Bathroom. My friend went to downstair who has no complain but I went to the one on the same floor and it smells so bad – like the gas station bathroom. Pls keep it clean …

Jan 30 2019

Emanuel Ax @ Lincoln Center

Ax has been a long time accompanist to Yoyo Ma. Now seems he’s striking out on his own more. We love him the same. He walks slowly on the stage @ David Geffen Hall, and looks older than his ad photo … same as Radu Lupu & András Schiff, ha ha ha. Dinner at Boulud Sud is very good.

Regarding the look of the male musicians, Hindman wrote in her memoir “There he is, Itzhak Perlman, looking older than the photographs on your CD jackets.” -:)

Jan 8 2019



9.08@ Sunken Meadow 

Nickerson Beach 7.27

6.22 @ 6:04pm

6.10 my beloved orchid

6.10the S High

a protest on 6.07

5.20 the East Egg

4.17 the pineapple tree

3.27the pinky lining -:)


2.21 @ CIAthe walkwayover the Hudson is on the far left

1.16, 9:21 @usta

Jan 8 2019

MoCA Asian Bistro

107-18 70th Rd,
Forest Hills, NY 11375

Probably will return. More of 3.5.

It’s on the one way street between the Queens Blvd and Austin Street, that filled with restaurants: Aged, Cabana, Narita etc but I like this one the most. Tastefully decorated with different seating arrangements, divided by the lattice screen doors.

Ok service – our waiter clearly doesn’t know how to serve wine, and never refill. They list a ‘Sterling Vintner’s Collection’ with a price. Since I like Sterling, their various wines are dependable. But the waiter brought Sterling Merlot, and insisted that it’s the merlot I ordered. Whatever.

Their food are delicious and nicely presented. The edamame could use some trimming.

Not crazy about their short disposable chopsticks, feels like eating a $5.99 takeout dinner.

Street parking is challenging.


Jan 3 2019

Noon and afternoon

I stopped by the beach @ Sea Cliff before and after the workshop. Both times it looks wonderful.

Jan 1 2019

Times Square 时代广场 New York

There are many times squares, around the world. But this one is the real thing.

From 2013 to 2014

from 2013 to 2014

Jan 1 2019



11.29 @ Central Park

11.26 @ the park

11.24 @ Madison Ave

Beijing 10.31 4:53pm

10.30  官银 @ Tianjin

10.15 Panda

10.13 Chengdu

9.17 @ Rockport

9.12@ Cadillac

9.15 @ Seawall

9.13 @ Sand Beach

9/11 @ Portland Head, Maine

Sept 5 @ Central Park

8.10 @ Lee

8.11 @ Tanglewood

8.09 @ Tanglewood

8.09 @ Innisfree

Lily: 7.17 @ NYBG

6.06 @ Sea Cliff


5.26 @ @ Oberursel

5.26 @ @ Oberursel

5.26 @ Oberursel

5.25 @ Altstadt

5.23 @

5.23 @

5.17 @ Notre Dame

5.17 @ Louvre looking out to Institut de France

4.23 @ CP


April 05 @ Asia Society

Jan 03 @  Tappen